Introduction of penne pasta types + purchase price of the day

Introduction of penne pasta types + purchase price of the day

Penne pasta and Macaroni are packed in different ways using different ingredients and when we talk about great value price, the price depends on various factors, one of which is the packaging and the quality of the product packaging
packing refers to the design and production of the product content, which is one of the most important parts of marketing
It is divided into three general categories

 Introduction of penne pasta types + purchase price of the day

Initial packaging: Packaging that is closely related to the product itself
Its purpose is to protect the final product, especially protection against contamination

Secondary packaging: It is an outer package for the original packaging that connects the packages

Third package: Used for moving and transporting products in bulk

A Variety of Pasta and Macaroni Packaging

Hanging bags: Hanging bags are commonly used in grocery stores

Pillow bags: It is one of the types of packaging that is named because of its pillow-like shape

Flat bottom: This type of packaging is called flat bottom because it has folds that are pressed smoothly

Flexible pouches: Flexible packaging is a great way to store most packaged items including pasta and macaroni

 Introduction of penne pasta types + purchase price of the day

The most common ingredients used in pasta and macaroni: Plastic is the most common material for packaging this type of product
Convenient packaging feature suitable for pasta and macaroni: It is impermeable to the entry and exit of oxygen, water vapor, fragrances, and flavor
it is neutral and does not react with the product
it is non-toxic and has the ability to print and design

Macaroni Pasta 1KG Price

According to the Consumer and producer Protection Organization, the maximum consumer price of simple noodle pasta and macaroni with VAT is: 500 grams were set at 17 thousand Tomans, 700 grams at 24 thousand Tomans, and 1Kg at 34 thousand Tomans
Of course, these prices are related to simple pasta, and macaroni and pasta, are different in terms of shape and content, considering the types of pasta
There are different types of pasta such as lasagna, noodles, vermicelli, and spaghetti

 Introduction of penne pasta types + purchase price of the day

Egg yolk is used to obtain a yellow or golden color in pasta
Spinach is used for green color and tomatoes are used to obtain red color and octopus ink is used to obtain black color
do not be surprised, because today more than 600 types of pasta are used in different parts of the world, which may not be to our taste
Pasta is one of the most popular foods and consuming it in large quantities can meet the body’s need for energy to some extent
The reason for the importance of pasta is its starchy ingredients Starch is a complex low-sugar carbohydrate that prevents a sudden rise in blood sugar when it enters the body, it gradually releases energy and provides the body with the energy it needs during daily activities

Great Value Penne Pasta Nutrition Information

Now we will introduce the type of pasta : Wholemeal pasta: Wholemeal pasta, pasta nutrition information due to its production with wholemeal flour, has a low sugar content, more minerals, and a significant amount of B vitamins
Therefore, consuming wholemeal pasta is very beneficial for the health so it have a great value
Rice grain pasta: The choice of rice as common food and mixed with the culture of the people of our country as an important factor in combining traditional food and modern food can contribute to the creation of this valuable food among all classes and groups ages like older people
the amount of protein in wheat, especially durum wheat, which is used to extract semolina and produce pasta is higher than in rice
Therefore, this product has more protein
Today, according to food factory officials, colored pasta is dyed with vegetable powders such as spinach, tomatoes, hooch, mint, and even algae, and can increase the nutritional value of the product to some extent
Fantasies: Among the fancy shapes, shell, spring, and bow tie are more common examples
But some are made like bells, small wheels, pipes, telephone wires, etc
, which are more attractive to children

 Introduction of penne pasta types + purchase price of the day

Dry pasta: This type of pasta dries completely before packaging
After cooking in boiling water, its volume usually doubles
It can be stored in optimal condition (dry place away from sunlight) for two to three years
Fresh pasta: It does not dry completely and is slightly soft such as penne pasta
therefore, its cooking time is less than dry pasta
Due to its  lower resistance to corruption Vermicelli for soup Classic string

Great Value Penne Pasta Calories

Calories in different types of pasta :

 Introduction of penne pasta types + purchase price of the day

Ravioli pasta:

It is a kind of heavenly pasta with a small shape and full of Italian kernels, which contains 99 kcal of energy per 100 grams of this pasta, which is filled with meat and cheese

Penne pasta:

Italian tube-shaped pasta with two ends cut obliquely
There are about 200 calories in every 100 grams of this type of pasta, which is accompanied by a white sauce, cream, and cheese


Lasagna is an Italian dish made from three layers of sliced pasta, special sauce, meat, and pizza cheese
Every 100 grams of lasagna contains about 200 kcal of energy


Pasta is one of the types of pasta that is seen in different forms and shapes and it is also called spaghetti
The caloric content of this type of pasta varies according to its ingredient
but the most common form of pasta made with meat and red sauce, every 100 grams of it has 200 kcal of energy


Noodles are prepared by cutting unleavened dough (unprocessed) in different ways
There are about 300 calories in every 100 grams of noodles served with shrimp
If you value your health and the health of those around you, and the health and quality of your food is important to you, you can trust us in the pasta section and get in touch with us

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