pasta with pictures price list in November 2023

pasta with pictures price list in November 2023

There are different types of pasta, now in this article, we will describe each of these types along with the picture
Pasta, this delicious product, despite being one of the main ingredients in Italian cuisine, did you know that 1
5 million tons of pasta are exported annually by this country? Not surprisingly though; Because pasta is our favorite food
Pasta is very quick and easy to prepare and has a very good taste and can be prepared and served for any occasion and any time
It can be served with tomato sauce, white sauce, vegetables, meatballs, or any other seasoning
Pasta can be added to a variety of soups and salads, made with a casserole, or prepared in any other way

Introduction to Pasta

You probably cook pasta or macaroni at least once a week, but how much do you know about the types of pasta on the market? Unless you are a cook, you probably do not know pasta and spaghetti completely
Did you know that there are more than 600 different types of pasta in the world? Depending on the shape, size, application, and texture, pasta can be divided into different types, here we introduce the most common types of pasta that are popular all over the world
Long and medium noodle pasta is one of the most popular types of pasta in the world, let’s learn more about this type of pasta

20 Types of Pasta

As we said before, there are 600 different types of pasta, but 20 of these types are the most consumed in the world
Have you ever ordered spaghetti at a Spaghetti restaurant, or bought a package from us and wondered why the strings look thinner than usual? Because you did not buy spaghettini, you bought spaghettini! Spaghettini is quite similar to traditional spaghetti
Spaghetti is much thinner than spaghetti, many people do not know this, the thickness of the pasta noodles has a significant effect on the taste and overall taste of the food and it is better to serve with sauces based on tomato and olive oil

 pasta with pictures price list in November 2023

Photochini: Photochini is a long, flat string served with creamy sauces like Alfredo
This pasta thickens after cooking

Bucatini: Have you ever eaten straw-like pasta? Bucatini is a spaghetti-like pasta
The difference is that it is thicker and there is a hole in the center
Bucatini comes from the Italian word “buco” and means perforated
The taste of this type of pasta in pots or pasta liquid is excellent
Because of your empty center, this type of pasta attracts stew water and every bite of it is full of color and full of pleasant taste

Types of Pasta with Pictures

These types of pasta are more consumed in Italy
Due to the excessive consumption of pasta in the world and the general popularity of the people of the world in consuming this food, the production of this product should increase, as shown in the picture of the countries that export the most pasta
In the following, we will introduce you to different types of flat slice pasta
Lasagna is one of the main dishes of North America, which is prepared from layered pasta slices with tomato sauce, meat, cheese, and vegetables
There are different types of lasagna
Vegetable lasagna, meat, and seafood are examples of lasagna

Mafalda: Mafalda or Mafaldin is a type of pasta that looks like a long rectangular ribbon with wavy edges on both sides
In shape and size, it is quite similar to lasagna, although Mafalda is thinner (approximately 1 to 4 inches wide)
Mafalda is produced in the form of strips with a length of 25 cm and a shorter size, about 1
5 cm
This type of pasta is best served in thick, rich, and creamy sauces with pieces of minced meat

Fusilli: It is a type of pasta from southern Italy
This type of pasta is thick and depending on the short and medium size, it is consumed with different spices because the grooves on it hold a lot of ingredients
The fossil spiral shape allows you to taste all the sauce

 pasta with pictures price list in November 2023

Types of Italian Pasta

macaroni: Among the types of pasta, elbow macaroni is the most versatile type of macaroni
Macaroni is called maccheroni in Italian
This macaroni is small and tubular and has a curved arm shape, which is why it is called elbow macaroni
Suitable for use in soups, pasta, or with a thick sauce of cheese and vegetables

Penne: It literally means cotton or stuffed and is one of the most popular types of pasta consumed around the world
it is suitable for All kinds of sauces and condiments
The average length of this pasta is 5 cm and it is served with spicy vegetables, meat, and creamy sauces
This type of penne has a flat body called lisce penne to distinguish it from private penne

Penne Rigate: Rigate penne is the same as simple penne, but it has a grooved body with an outer protrusion
These protrusions hold the sauces

Paccheri: This type of pasta is in the form of wide and wide tubes and has a smooth outer surface
But sometimes they are serrated, which are called paccherimillerighe
This type of pasta is usually served with sauces based on tomatoes or cheese

Rigatoni: Rigatoni is a medium to large tube-shaped pasta that has both sides cut completely smoothly into a rectangular shape
Depending on the method of production and cutting, it can be completely smooth, or slightly bent with different lengths and diameters
This type of pasta is always grooved and not as curved as Elbo pasta
The bumps on the body provide excellent adhesion to absorb sauces and grated cheese

 pasta with pictures price list in November 2023

Name a Type of Pasta

The tortiglion is very similar to the rigatoni, but the tortiglioni is much larger, and unlike the rigatoni, whose grooves are vertically from top to bottom, the protrusions on the tortiglioni are twisted on the body of the pasta
Spiral grooves, in addition to visual appeal, are very suitable for holding a variety of sauces on the body
Now that you are familiar with the different types of pasta, contact us to make the best type of pasta available to you

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